Business and Commercial Lending

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Managing and running a business is not easy and it can be confusing trying to decide on the best structure to finance your business needs in line with your business goals. For long term prosperity and business success it is important that your debt facilities are well structured to ensure that you have adequate cashflow and resources to capitalise on business opportunities.

At Eadon we work with you and your business to help make the loan process as simple as possible.

We partner with you to understand your financial position and specific business needs over both the short and long term so we so that we are clear on your business goals and strategy. We can then assist and advise you on potential options to fund your unique business needs.

With access to a broad range of business and commercial lenders we have the ability to compare offerings and find the best lender for your individual needs.

We can assist with:

  • Buying a new business
  • Funding business growth
  • Buying a commercial property for occupation or investment
  • Residential and commercial property investment
  • Plant and equipment finance
  • New vehicle leasing / asset purchase

In addition to helping out with you business lending requirements we also have well established relationships with respected finance services professionals who can help you with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Life and risk insurance
  • General insurance
  • Accounting

Business & Commercial Lending

There are many different ways to finance your business requirements and it is important that you match the right loan facility with the right business need.

Whether you want to grow your business or purchase a commercial property we can assist.

We not only provide assistance and advice during the loan process but with a wide range of lenders we have access to a broad range of finance options for you including:

  • Long term loan terms
  • Shorter term cashflow facilities
  • Principal and Interest or Interest only repayment options
  • Low Doc Options
  • Range of acceptable securities

For more information on business and commercial lending contact Brenton Parsons on 0477 778 330 or email